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Education Africa 2030 and Beyond - Sustainability and Social Impact in an African Context

Ota, Ogun State, Lagos, Nigeria
4-5 September 2023

Amidst the swift currents of an ever-evolving world, the intrinsic value of education remains steadfast and undeniable. With resolute purpose, the QS Africa Forum 2023 with the theme Education Africa 2030 and Beyond: Sustainability and Social Impact in an African Context conference aspires to unravel the paramount role of education in cultivating sustainability and propelling social impact within the African landscape. Africa is blessed with abundant natural resources, but it also faces significant environmental challenges such as climate change and resource depletion. By convening educators, policymakers, researchers, and innovators, this distinguished gathering shall serve as an intellectual and practical meeting of minds, fostering profound discourse, and facilitating the exchange of best practices and experiential wisdom. It is intended as an opportunity to explore invaluable insights into educational approaches, strategies and projects that engender sustainable development and catalyse transformative societal change in an African context.

The conference shall illuminate the intricate interplay between education and sustainable development, igniting the spark of inspiration to forge actionable strategies and nurture collaborations that galvanize positive transformations across the continent. Recognizing the profound impact education wields in shaping a sustainable and prosperous Africa, the conference's collective endeavours shall navigate the path towards resilience and environmental harmony. Central to this vision lies the integration of environmental education, climate change awareness, and sustainable practices within the fabric of educational systems. A clarion call to environmental stewardship shall resound throughout, as participants engage in dialogues cantered on the promotion of sustainable lifestyles, entrepreneurship, and transformative projects.









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