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The forum will be held in Ota, near Lagos, Nigeria. Housing arrangements are made within the campus. Please click here to book.

As a participant of the conference, we want to ensure that your travel experience is smooth and enjoyable. This travel guide provides you with essential information about transportation, local customs, safety tips, and some notable attractions to explore during your stay in Nigeria.

1. General Information:

  • Lagos is the largest city in Nigeria and is located on the southwestern coast of the country.

  • The official language is English, but Yoruba is widely spoken.

  • The local currency is the Nigerian Naira (NGN).

  • Lagos has a tropical climate, with hot and humid weather year-round. Prepare lightweight clothing and sunscreen.

2. Transportation:

  • Murtala Muhammed International Airport (LOS) is the main airport serving Lagos. It is located approximately 22 kilometers northwest of the city center.

  • All transfers from Lagos Airport to the campus/hotels will be done free of charge to all delegates arriving for the event. Please contact the organiser. 


3. Accommodation:

  • It is advisable that you stay in official hotels, please check below for the same. 

4. Local Customs and Etiquette:

  • Nigerians are generally warm and welcoming. Greetings are important, so make an effort to greet people when entering a room or starting a conversation.

  • Dress modestly and respectfully, especially in public places and when visiting religious sites.

  • Tipping is not mandatory but is appreciated for good service.


5. Safety Tips:

  • Be cautious of your personal belongings and avoid displaying valuable items in public.

  • Use reliable transportation services and avoid traveling alone at night, particularly in unfamiliar areas.

  • Stay updated on local news and follow the guidance of local authorities regarding any safety or security concerns.

  • Be mindful of your surroundings and take necessary precautions to protect yourself from petty theft and scams.


6. Attractions and Places to Visit:

  • Nike Art Gallery: A hub of Nigerian art, showcasing a diverse collection of traditional and contemporary artworks.

  • Lekki Conservation Centre: A nature reserve with a canopy walkway, wildlife, and serene walking trails.

  • National Museum Lagos: Explore Nigeria's rich history, art, and cultural heritage through various exhibits.

  • Tarkwa Bay Beach: A beautiful and secluded beach where you can relax, swim, and enjoy water sports.

  • Lekki Market: A bustling local market where you can find a variety of traditional crafts, clothing, and souvenirs.


7. Useful Phrases:

  • "Hello" - "Bawo ni" (pronounced as bah-woh-nee)

  • "Thank you" - "Ese" (pronounced as eh-sheh)

  • "How much does it cost?" - "Ewo owo ni?" (pronounced as eh-woh oh-woh nee?)

  • "Where is the nearest restaurant?" - "Nibo ni ibe



Visa Application

For the guidelines for visa application, please click here ( To check if you are eligible to apply for a visa on arrival and know the processes involved, click here (


Letter of Invitation

If you have registered to attend the QS African Forum 2023 and you require a letter of invitation, please fill out this form ( to request a letter. Please note that we cannot provide letters of invitation to spouses, children, or others who will be accompanying you on the trip but not attending the QS African Forum as registered attendees.


Dr. Isaac Akinwumi: +234 703 268 8312 (email:;



Hotel/Housing arrangements are made within the campus. Covenant University will take care of the bookings, subject to payment of the relevant charges. Available hotels are listed below and airport to hotel, and hotel to venue transfers are provided by Covenant University.


On Campus

from US$55 per night

Book Now

Screenshot 2023-06-26 at 10.21.39 AM.png

3 kms from campus

from US$40 per night

Book Now


On Campus

from US$20 per night

Book now


14 kms from campus

from US$43 per night

Book Now

Hotel Booking Request Form

Select the Accommodation

All booking requests are sent to the Travel Committee at Covenant University who will process the booking and be in touch with you.

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